Evolving Beautifully 12 Week Challenge
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Evolving Beautifully 12 Week Challenge

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It's Time You Take Care Of Your Most Valuable Asset...YOU! 



This is not your average challenge.  In the next 12 weeks, you will create new habits, get rid of old self-destructive habits, and truly focus on self-care, slaying, stacking, and stay intentional at all times! If you are ready to take things to the next level join this Free Challenge today!!!  

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Self Care Is Not Selfish Challenge and The Evolving Beautifully Challenge?

The Self Care is Not Selfish Challenge is a 21-day challenge that addresses personal, professional, and financial stability on a surface level.  The Evolving Beautifully Challenge is a 12 week, 84 day challenge where we don't just scratch the surface on the topics of personal, professional, and financial stability we get to the root of what's going on in your life, and develop a plan to get you to the place in your life to where you create success habits, become discipline, and consistent in living a well balanced and abundant life.  

Why is there a fee for this challenge?

The investment you will make in this challenge is in yourself, along with the right tools and resources you need to become the person you desire to be and evolve beautifully.  The tools consist of the Pray Plan Pursue Planner and Journal so that you can document your process and see how much you have progressed over the 12 weeks.  It also comes with Securing The Bag!  A Step by Step Guide To Save and Secure $1000 in 30 Days.  The investment is $25 and that covers the cost of the planner, which is the physical copy.  If you want the digital copy of the planner that investment is $17.  Because I know how serious you are about evolving into the woman you know you are created to be, I am giving you the Securing the Bag!book at no additional charge.  

When does this challenge start and how will I receive the information?

The Evolving Beautifully Challenge starts July 1, 2018, and ends September 22, 2018.  You will receive daily and weekly emails from me giving you the task for the day or for the week. The email that the information will be sent to is the one you used at the time of purchase.  If you invested in the physical copy of the planner you will receive it by mail.  If you invested in the digital copy of the planner you will receive it immediately after you complete your investment.  

How much time do I have to sign up for the challenge?

It will be available from June 24, 2018, to July 14, 2018.  After the 14th the challenge will not be available until 4th quarter which starts October 1st. 

What if I already ordered the planner and want to participate in the challenge?

Send me an email at info@sheevolve.com with the email address you used to order your planner.  Once it is verified I will send you a confirmation email and sign you up for the challenge! 

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